Natural Herbal Products.Spa cosmeticsYou’ve had a hard day. There was plenty of stress to go around, and now you just want to relax and forget about everything. Use some of these tips on how to have a frugal spa day at home when your day has been rough or when you want to treat yourself.

Many women, whether working outside of the home or inside of it, have a tendency to put everyone else above themselves. They give and give until they burn out. Well Sister, it’s time about time you took care of yourself! Why not try some of these frugal day spa ideas you can do right in the comfort of your own home?

  • Set aside some time where you can be by yourself. Send the children off to grandma and grandpas or get a babysitter. Turn the telephone and cell phone off. Don’t turn on the television; in fact the only thing electronic you might want going is soothing music playing in the background.
  • Place scented candles around your bathroom to create a relaxing ambiance. If you have bubble bath, bath salts, or essential oil in the same fragrance, that would be even better. You would be surrounded by a scent you love.
  • While you’re soaking in the bathtub, use a facial mask which you can make from items found in your kitchen. Mix together 2 tablespoons of ground oatmeal, 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, and 5 drops liquid honey in a bowl. Apply to your face and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. Finish off by rinsing with warm water followed by a moisturizer.
  • Give yourself a manicure and pedicure while your finger and toe nails are pliable. Rub moisturizer into your cuticles and trim them. When you’re ready to exit the tub, don’t forget to slather peppermint food cream on your feet. They’ll feel energized and smell great!

What are some other things you can do while you’re treating yourself to a frugal spa day at home? You can also take time to stretch or exercise which will invigorate your mind and give you energy to spare. Meditating can also be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Spend a little bit of your spa day journaling. Nothing makes us feel better about our lives than thinking about the good things. What are you thankful for? Who makes your day brighter by being in it? Think about things and people who make you smile.

Use any of these tips to create a professional spa atmosphere to help you relax. Taking time regularly is important, not only for physical reasons but also for peace of mind. You deserve to take time out for yourself, so what are you waiting for?


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